telephone switchboard 

  • our professional team answers incoming phone calls with your company name
  • calls are processed according to your instructions which can be adapted at any time
  • your calls are noted down and forwarded to you by e-mail*, text message* fax or face-to-face

ordering service and shipping 

  • tailor-made ordering service for products of all kinds
  • a order form, tailored for you needs will be developed and the offered products and client contacts will be deposited
  • orders will be send to you in access, word or excel
  • dates of the purchaser will be saved at your desire and your customer dates will be automatically expanded
  • complied dispatch (inclusive warehousing)

hotline care 

  • we train our staff at your department
  • the typically questions and answers will be deposited
  • your calls will be answered friendly and competent

holiday line

  • support of the telephone for a limited term of time for example: for your holiday time, promotion
  • for the redirection (ISDN) suffices just a click on your phone

fix call divert  

  • at your desire you get your own telephone- and fax-number. Incoming calls will be redirected to your number to the inland and aboard or to your mobile number


we make you reachable

  • you can concentrate on your main business through by outsourcing from services and staff
  • a constant presence of the Büro Aktiv team and as appropriate increase of our staff guaranties flexibility in peak times and impeded downtimes
  • a personal, auto subsidiary equipment
  • CDRs on desire
  • a conversational partner in every department
  • single point of contract



Büro Aktiv H. Bruchner GmbH
Fürstenrieder Str. 279a • D-81377 Munich • Tel. +49(0)89-74 12 00 • Fax +49(0)89-74 12 01 02
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